We would like to thank Yulia for our successful visa processing! Recently we’ve been granted for Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) (subclass 489) visa.
I could recommend Yulia as a highly proffecional migration agent.She guided and helped us at at every stage of the process:
– Skills assessment through Vetassess;
– Submitting EOI application;
– Getting WA State Sponsorship;
– Visa application.

Any questions we had, however small or trivial, we felt we could ask and knew they would be answered. Nothing was too much trouble from start to finish.
She is fantastically great at customer service and we truly recommend Yulia Moiseeva to everyone who wishes to migrate to Australia.

And we definetly will address to Yulia in the future to get our PR visa

Evgenia AbelSenior specialist at SAP support office

That was our second visa with Julia and again we are very happy about her professional service. This time we obtained Student Visa on the following day after the lodging. Thanks Julia for saving our nerves!

Dmytro FisinchukDirector at ODNA

Yulia is the best migration agent that I know. She provided the service for all my friends including me and all of them were 100% successful. She is very reliable and committed person and will help in any situation. All my documents that I requested were completed on time and in professional manner. I will continue to work with her in all my future migration problems.

Natalia SladkovaStudent at Cambridge International College Australia

I am glad to provide this reference for Ms Yulia Moiseeva. I have known Ms Yulia for nearly three years during which time she was providing all information and assisting me with my application.

Ms Yulia has consulted me on all questions that I was interested in from professional point of view. She performed all preparation and lodgement of documents for skills assessment application. After 3 months I was informed that my qualification and experience were recognised by Trade Recognition Australia(TRA). The next step was an expression of interest application (EOI) and State/ Territory sponsorship which was also performed by Ms Yulia Moiseeva. The last and most important was a visa application in which Ms Yulia performed all preparation such as:

– perform a Visa Eligibility Assessment
– assist and guide through the application process including required documentation
– prepare submission for visa application
– prepare visa application and any required supporting documentation
– submit visa application
– provide advice regarding visa condition and requirements

As a result I have got permanent( subclass 190) visa. 

Our cooperation has been transparent since the process was started. I was fully informed about the visa process and got professional advices. I was pleased to work with Ms Yulia, and next time when I need to obtain professional immigration advice I know who can assist me.

Ms Yulia has good analytical and communication skills, She is truly professional and efficient in her approach to work.
I have only positive things to say about Ms Yulia and I would strongly recommend her as an immigration agent. Please do not hesitate to contact me and I will answer any questions for further information.

Alexey TikhomirovElectrical Engineering Technician в AIS

I have the pleasure of meeting Mrs Julia Moiseeva about two years. As my Migration Agent, Julia is extremely professional, friendly and conscientious in assessing me and my family’s needs.

It was through Julia’s hard work and commitment to me and my family that I obtained the Vetassess Skills Assessment and NSW State Sponsorship. It was an extremely stressful time, the endless wait of not knowing the outcome of my family’s residential status in Australia and our overall future. However, Julia kept me optimistic through her words of encouragement and through her actions of expertise. Julia not only guided me through this difficult process by detailed explanations of the progression of my case but also by outline step by step each new development as they occurred.

My family and I have recently received Permanent Residential Visa Status and without question, a major part of this result is due to Julia’s dedication to my family, the level of professionalism she possess and her relentless efforts to achieving the goal of migration status.

I would highly recommend Julia as a Migration Agent to anyone seeking a truly experienced, efficient professional who is loyal to her clients and devoted to her job.

I engaged Ms Yulia Moiseeva to assist me during the process of lodgement an application for Student (subclass 570) visa. I am sure I made right decision choose Ms Yulia’s professional services.
Ms Yulia appeared to be very competent and mindful professional. I received prompt and accurate responses to every question I had, no question was left unanswered. Working with Ms Yulia I had a feeling that she was focused not on ‘justifying professional fees’ but to work towards to get positive outcome for my case. I appreciate her work greatly! Thank you once again for your exceptional services and patience.

Askar AsadullinDirector - Stroitel'nyy Kvartal

Thanks to Yulia’s extensive work experience and in-depth knowledge of migration law, I’ve got my PR skilled visa fast and easy. I recommend anyone who know the value of time during migration process to use Yulia’s services.

Irma SafinaQuantity Surveyor, Cost Estimator

Julia has a good experience as migration agent and she had very good communication with us as clients, 
everything we asked about she responded very well and in details. We applied for a child visa 445 and the application was successful. In future we will continue working with Julia because she has a very good knowledge of migration law and she is a very reputable agent. I strongly recommend Julia for anyone who is thinking to migrate to Australia.

Olena Savchukkitchen attendant at Airlitegroup

Agent Yulia Moiseeva has successfully helped me with skills assessment with engineers Australia as well as skilled independent visa application process. Probably the best criterion of the work performed is successful outcome of both processes. I enjoyed Yulia’s friendly and proactive approach. It was easy to communicate with her even despite time zone difference. Her instructions regarding specific steps to be taken were always clear, precise, straight to the point and easy to follow. I definitely recommend Ms Yulia Moiseeva to those who are looking for migration advice.

Lina BryukhovaSales Manager

I want to write about the professional work of Migration agent Yulia Moiseeva. I addressed Yulia for the purpose of obtaining the student visa 570 for studying English in Australia. Yulia consulted me on all questions that interested me from the professional point of view. All stages of work were carried out without any delays. Yulia helped me complete all necessary documents, collected a package of documents and sent them to the embassy. I feel that she has a very good understanding of her job, a high level of quality achieving a positive result. It’s pleasant to work with the expert in the business.

Alexey ShamovСпециалист Банковское дело

I must say that most important for me in service provision is orientation on clients’ needs and absolute devotion to clients’ interests and their goals’ achievement. These are but the exact features of Yulia regarding her work with all types of clients throughout the world. She is always there for each and every willing to come to Australia to assist, analyze and process them in due time frames and in a very strict legal manner. I recommend Yulia as one of the most professional, easily negotiable and flexible specialists, knowing what she is doing in precise details.

Elen PalatnikDirector-Palleonn Centre (Immigration and education), Owner-Test Me, Owner-Infantem Centre (childcare consultancy)

Great advice on immigration options. Yulia kept me up to date with immigration regulations changes without introduction of additional charges after initial consultation. Due to fast track correspondence with Yulia, I could react immediately on available options in immigration law. Finally this strategy allowed me to get nomination from the state and applied for permanent residency.

I would highly recommend Yulia if you have unusual profile for immigration to Australia.

Maxim SheludchenkoResearch Fellow at Smart Water Research Centre

Julia – the competent specialist. Efficiently and quickly performs all contract clauses. Julia sets honesty in financial matters. Treated me friendly, did not deny in advices. I can confidently recommend her as great specialist.

Petro KachmarGeologist в компании PJSC “Kryvbaszalizrudkom”

I can highly recommend Yulia as she helped me within the shortest amount of time to get my sponsor ship visa. She was very ambitious and went beyond of what was expected as she met up with my employer to help them fill out their part p.e.

Thank you Yulia for your great work. I will contact you again once I apply for my permanent residency.

Kind regards,

Judith LoweOccupational Therapist at Spot4Kids

Im pleased to recommend Yulia as reliable expert in the immigration field. The extension of my postgrad visa was absolutely painless process with clear steps and logic. Documentation, advices, tips and tricks – all have been received in time and with explisit set of details.

Thank Yuilia, you make this process so easy to do and to achieve.

Liliia ZharekhinaStudent at Griffith University

I would like to provide the recommendation for Ms Yulia Moiseeva who I employed to provide migration assistance on several occasions:

Skills Assessment (TRA) / State Sponsorship (WA) / adding dependent family member (mother) to visa application / Skills State Sponsored visa

I engaged Ms Yulia to provide the immigration assistance (in 2011) for my family to come and stay in Australia permanently. We completed all described stages of immigration process in 1 year and got permanent residency visa. Key point was an efficient strategy for immigration that Ms Yulia provided for my family.

Tourist visa for the relative

I engaged Ms Yulia Moiseeva to provide immigration assistance (in 2012) for my relative to come and visit my family in Australia for holidays. The service Ms Yulia Moiseeva provided was professional completed with reasonable timeframe and lots of information support during the process itself. My relative was granted tourist visa in several days after the application was lodged.

Child visa (offshore)

I engaged Ms Yulia Moiseeva to provide immigration assistance (in 2012) for my step-daughter to come and join the family to live in Australia. Ms Yulia Moiseeva provided comprehensive advice on the visa criteria, assist efficiently to prepare all documentation in the best possible way and submitted decision-ready application within tight timeframe. As a result the visa was granted in 2 months (standard processing time 14 months).

I would strongly recommend Ms Yulia to be engaged as professional registered migration agent for those who want to get comprehensive advice and competent strategy, ongoing support during immigration process.

Yulia assisted me with enrolment to Griffith University (General English course and main program) and further apply to a student visa (subclass 573). I’m glad to recommend Ms Yulia as an experienced migration agent. She is reliable and credible specialist. Ms Yulia could answer any questions about the preparation of documents and always clearly knew what to do during our work with her. I am happy to endorse Yulia as registered migration agent for any assistance with visa to come to Australia. I would like to thank Ms Yulia for help after my arrival to Australia. She is very kind and nice person to deal with.

I am glad to recommend Julia as a migration agent. And first of all It is important to say about Julia’s “can do” attitude to work.

She’s a professional committed to the business ethical standarts in relationships with customers.
Julia did her job perfectly considering my requirements and possibilities (student visa, subclass 570).
Especially, i would like to thank Julia for supporting me after my arrival in Australia.

I’m glad to recommend Yulia Moiseeva as a professional migration agent. We have worked with her for about two years. During this period Yulia has always represented proficiency and punctuality. There were not any problems to get occupation acknowledgement following her consultations and recommendations. Due to her professional skills and flexibility it is very easy to communicate with her and achieve pre-designed results.

I am glad to provide this reference letter for Ms Yulia Moiseeva. I have known Ms Yulia for over two years during which time she was employed by me as registered migration agent.
Thanks to Ms Yulia my qualifications from The Russian University of Geological Prospecting have been assessed as meeting the current academic requirement for standing as a Professional Mining Engineer in Australia by Engineers Australia in June 2011. She did all preparation and lodgement of documents for skills assessment. Ms Yulia continued to support me and my wife while getting Australian visa. Ms Yulia lodged my application under Skilled Stream (Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175)) with all supporting evidence to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia in June 2011. She is supporting my family now.
Ms Yulia is highly intelligent and has good analytical and communication skills. She is professional and efficient in her approach to work. Ms Yulia is very flexible and eager to take on new challenges.

I have nothing but good things to say about Ms Yulia and I would strongly recommend her for any endeavour she chooses. Please do not hesitate to contact me and I would gladly answer any request for further information.

Чарный ДмитрийSenior Mining Engineer - ArcelorMittal, Artem was Yulia's client

Yulia Moiseeva is a dynamic professional with a strong client focus. She applies all of her considerable skills in delivering the very best outcomes. Yulia has a business-like attitude and always performs at the highest level. I warmly endorse Yulia as an approachable person you can do business with.

Blair DenholmRussian-English Translator, Blair was a consultant or contractor to Yulia at Yulia Moiseeva & Associates