Our Services

Yulia Moiseeva & Associates was establish in 2009 as a new vision of migration services – we offer complete strategic planning of visa pathways tailored to a particular clients case. We are breaking traditional approach of being a standard migration agents. We go beyond limits offering our clients the most cost efficient and short pathways to relocate or obtain residency in Australia through variety of available programs.

It is not just about a visa, it is about taking clients where they would like to be, changing their life to better and achieving desirable outcome!

We are working with both individuals and business clients to offer the variety of end-to-end services:

For Australian businesses

  • business sponsorship and nomination preparations;

  • preparation of invitations for short highly specialised stay;

  • placement of on-the-job training professionals and associated training program development;

  • support with labout agreements;

  • sponsorship compliance (obligations, monitoring)

For overseas businesses

  • expansion of business to Australia;

  • relocation of employees to Australian offices

For individuals

Offering strategic solutions tailored to an individual situation.

We provide assistance with complex case matter, such as:

  • visa applications after refusal;
  • visa cancellations;
  • health and character issues;
  • review of decision after refusal;
  • ministerial intervention cases;
  • company sponsorship compliance and sanctions;
  • other services related to immigration processes;
  • unlawful citizens.

 Australian immigration law and regulations change quite often, and we strongly recommend prospective clients to obtain professional advice about possible visa options, risks, benefits, time frames and criteria to be satisfied.

We assess your eligibility and recommend the best possible visa program. 

We strongly abide to Code Of Conduct and inform client in writing about possible chances of getting a visa, provide our services in complete compliance with Code Of Conduct and update client on every step during the process.